Why a Marquee is the Perfect Choice for Your Wedding

Many Australian couples are now choosing marquees over more traditional wedding venues, and the reasons for doing so are not just based on the cost savings. A marquee allows you to take a blank canvas and stamp your own personality on your special day rather than be subject to the restrictions and inflexibilities that may be imposed by other venues. Choosing a marquee allows you to be in complete control over every aspect of the big day, ensuring that you really do get the wedding of your dreams. So why should you choose a marquee for your wedding and what do you need to consider when hiring the perfect one?

The Benefits of Choosing a Marquee

  • Budget Friendly – typically, the wedding venue can be the single biggest blow to a wedding budget. Whilst venues such as reception centres, hotels, restaurants and wineries can charge a premium cost ‘per head’, hiring a marquee is a popular cost effective alternative which allows you to create the exact look and feel you are after, while saving you money that will come in handy for other wedding-related needs. Costs involved with traditional venues may revolve around fixed prices for food and beverages. With a marquee, you have an opportunity to tailor the catering to the needs of your guests and your budget, you can buy your own alcohol directly and source your own caterers meaning the menu is all in your control.
  • Flexibility – With an extensive range of high quality marquees available in many designs, you have the freedom to choose how you celebrate, with however many guests you choose to invite and in a location that you love. Whether you are having a small, intimate wedding with a limited number of guests or a large lavish celebration with hundreds of attendees, wedding marquees come in a variety of sizes, and as long as you can fit it in location you want, you can hire whatever size you need. This means that you can hire a marquee based on your ideal guest list rather than having to restrict your guest list to fit in with the limitations of your venue. In addition, your choice of locations is unlimited! You can choose to set up and create your dream wedding venue wherever you like – in your own backyard, on a country property or overlooking the ocean. The options are endless.
  • Creativity – A marquee allows you to be creative and design the exact look or theme of your event. Many couples often have a vision of their dream wedding but struggle to find a venue that fits the vision perfectly. Marquees offer a blank canvas to work on as opposed to working with existing infrastructure. Marquees provide versatility, allowing you to perfectly create a wedding theme that is unique to you as a couple. With a huge variety of accessories also available for hire, you can really transform the space into anything you like. Choose a clear roof and let the stars shine in, or drape the ceiling in silk curtains for an elegant feel, pick whatever décor you desire and create the perfect layout with decorative chairs, tables, lounge areas and of course a dancefloor in whatever size you like.

Finally, one of the best advantages is that you can choose to finish partying whenever you want! Most traditional venues have a finish time of midnight or earlier, but when you hire a marquee, as long as you have staff to continue into the early hours of the morning you can keep the party going until whatever time you like.

Choosing the Right Marquee for a Small or Large Wedding

If you have decided on a marquee for your big day, how do you know what size you will need? At Pages Event Hire, we are very experienced in weddings and our friendly team will be able to help select the most appropriate size for your wedding, but a few things you will need to consider when factoring in the size are:

  • Guest entry, catering and amenities access – both the position and quantity required
  • Any bar/buffet/food station set ups required
  • Stand up cocktail event or sit down dinner
  • Number and shape of tables required – round or rectangle
  • Lounge areas, if required
  • Greeting lines, cake table and present table
  • DJ or band requirements
  • Dancefloor size

There’s no doubting that hiring a marquee for your wedding will make for a stunning wedding that is not only cost effective but delivers the ambiance and atmosphere that a traditional wedding venue cannot replicate.

Looking to hire the ultimate wedding marquee? Our elegant marquee designs are the perfect choice and we are sure to have the exact size and design required for your small or large wedding. Contact the helpful team at Pages and let us help you create the perfect setting for your big day.