Pages Severe Weather Information

Pages structures are all delivered and certified to AS1664 (Design) and Wind Load AS1170-2.

Ultimate wind load is 147km per hour.

Anchorage is determined for each particular site depending on the orientation of the structures and exposure to the predominant winds.  The hold down and footings for marquees and structures are adequate to withstand the design wind speed of up to 147km per hour.

The PVC cladding of the marquees and structures is not required to be designed to the same wind loads.  All PVC clad structures must be evacuated at a wind speed of excess of 80km per hour.  This is required as PVC cladding does not provide protection from airborne materials.

Pages Action

  • Pages monitor possible weather risks seven days prior to the commencement of delivery to site until the completion of the bump out of the event.
  • Pages has independent certifying engineers to sign off engineers certifications that the anchoring of the structure meets Australian Standards prior to occupancy.
  • If winds are reaching above 60km per hour, Pages suspend installation of structures to ensure site is safe from flying debris.
  • At winds of 60km – 80km per hour, Pages dispatch crew to ensure structures are enclosed and all tie downs are in place.


  • At high winds, it is recommended that all openings of the structure are closed when winds exceed 80km per hour.
  • Ensure light equipment on site is secured to prevent the items becoming airborne.
  • Wind gusts may exceed structure design loads.  The PVC cladding is designed to shred to reduce loads.  This is acceptable of winds beyond 120km per hour.