Everything you Need to Know About Chair Hire for Your Event

Hiring the right furniture is one of the most important considerations when planning an event.

From weddings and parties to corporate functions and conferences, there’s a few things you need to consider, to ensure you hire the most appropriate seating.

Your chair hire needs will be based on the type of function you are hosting as different events have different requirements.

Consider who your guests are, if they will be seated, standing or a combination of both and don’t overlook the impact seating has on the style and atmosphere of the space you want to create. Let’s take a look at the most popular types of chairs you can hire and some tips to help you select the perfect type for your event

Types of Chairs Available for Hire

  • Plastic Stackable Chairs

One of the most budget friendly and practical chair solutions, basic stackable chairs are of commercial quality and can support most people’s body weight easily. Lightweight and easy to transport, these chairs are a popular choice for outdoor events and events that require a large amount of seating.

  • Foldable Chairs

Excellent for transport and storage, folding chairs are a great step up from plastic chairs. Available in a range of colours and designs, these are a popular choice for many event types including wedding ceremonies, product launches, garden parties and other functions that require a more refined feel. Folding chairs can make an impact when styled, and when lined up together can create an elegant look. Guests will also love how comfortable they feel.

  • Formal Chairs

For upscale occasions such as weddings, graduations, birthday parties or formal dinners, decorative, elegant chairs with sturdier frames and padded seats might be the best option. One of the most popular formal chairs for hire is the Tiffany chair. Both practical and affordable, the classic style of the Tiffany chair means it blends seamlessly into any room and effortlessly adds a touch of style to any event. Similarly, the Bentwood Chair is another favourite for its comfort, timeless elegance and sturdy structure. Hiring formal chairs for your event will create a luxurious atmosphere and provide premium comfort to your guests.

  • Bar Stools

If your event is more of a cocktail function, where the majority of guest will stand and mingle, it’s still a good idea to offer some light seating such as bar stools. Complimentary to bar tables, bar stools are available for hire in a wide variety of colours, styles and designs. Ideally two to four stools around each round bar table will be sufficient.

How to Select the Best Chairs to Hire

There’s a few important factors to take into consideration to ensure you select the most appropriate chairs and stools for your function:

  • Type or theme of event – Is your event a stylish wedding or a corporate affair? For a wedding you may opt for a folding or decorative formal chair that ties in with the theme whereas a corporate event may require a chair with a sleek and minimalist look.
  • Length of time guests will be seated – Is your event a product launch with multiple lengthy presentations? Or will your attendees be up dancing the night away? For conferences, meetings and events which require lengthy periods of seated time, ensure your chair selection has back rests and padded seats.
  • Indoors or outdoors – If you are hosting an outdoor event, then sturdy plastic chairs may be the best option. If it rains they will not get damaged and they can be stacked and stored easily.
  • Guest requirements – Are many of your guests older or are you hosting a cocktail party for young graduates? Keep in mind the comfort expectations of your attendees, older guests may expect an abundance of sturdy and comfortable seating while younger people may stand for longer periods.
  • Consider the other furniture for the event – Will you have dining tables, bar tables or a combination of both? Make sure your chairs match the type of tables you will using.

The most important thing to consider when hiring chairs for your event is to book as early as possible. The last thing you want is to find out the chairs you need are unavailable on the date you require. Once you have your chairs and other furniture pieces hired you can move on and plan other details of the event.

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